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Centinela Hospital Employee Honored with Hospital Hero Award

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Centinela Hospital Medical Center's Director of Nursing, Lakesha Dixon, was recently honored at the 8th Annual Hospital Hero Awards held by the National Health Foundation. The award honors those health care professionals that go above and beyond the normal call of duty in assisting patients, family members and fellow employees.

Lakesha's commitment to the patients of Centinela hospital is unparalleled. Lakesha takes a hands-on approach in the care of our patients; she conveys to her staff firsthand the type of experience that patients and their family members should expect when they are admitted to the hospital. This insight also allows her to understand and anticipate the needs of the nursing staff and to supply them with the tools and training needed to provide superior patient care.

Lakesha has been instrumental in assisting Centinela to achieve numerous quality distinctions. Under her nursing leadership, numerous patient satisfaction programs have been instituted throughout the facility. Lakesha reminds us consistently that patient care is about patients first; not only the treatment of medical conditions, but the patient's whole being, life, lifestyle and life circumstances. This is key to the concept of patient and family centered care that should not be sacrificed, regardless of the pace and demands placed upon today's healthcare system. Due to her efforts in promoting effective communication with our patients, physicians, staff and community, Centinela is able to provide high quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable to our community members.

Lakesha is a unique role model to novice and seasoned nurses. She serves as an example of dedication and commitment to true patient advocacy. She delivers personalized care to all patients in all circumstances; this enables others to do the same. She has been tireless in her efforts to raise patient satisfaction scores, provide quality nursing education and shepherd the staff through numerous surveys. Her leadership and guidance reaches into all aspects of the hospital. However, it is Lakesha's dedication to the patients, staff and mission of Centinela Hospital, which inspires our nurses to go "above and beyond" the call of duty. For Lakesha, nursing is more than just a calling. It embodies her philosophy in every way in how she presents not only herself, her profession, but the nurses who look up to her as a leader and inspiration.