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Language Assistance Services

Because we provide healthcare services to people with culturally diverse backgrounds, we provide a variety of options for interpretation services, including through the Cyracom Blue Phone system. There is no charge for these services.

Communication among patients, staff, and physicians is critical for high-quality care outcomes. In a healthcare setting, clear and effective communication is profoundly essential. Physicians must establish and maintain effective communication with their patients to provide them with the best possible care. Patients must understand and relay messages clearly for the physician to get an accurate picture of their condition. At the same time, physicians must conceptualize effective treatment strategies best suited for the patient's medical condition.

Enter language translation services! Patients who need a test or a diagnosis report translated quickly and accurately can benefit from these specialized services. Our patients can count on our services for comprehensive and professional medical consulting services in a language of their choice without being bogged down by language barriers.

At Centinela Medical Hospital, we provide the services of interpreters that speak your language for free. What’s more? We also provide documentation services that augment the interpretation services to ensure that your family and you don’t have to sustain the risks associated with misdiagnosis resulting from miscommunication.

Our Services at a Glance

Health Care Interpreters: We provide a highly competent team of qualified interpreters on premises who are familiar with health care terminology for you and your family. Our interpreters are highly skilled in providing services that enable patients to demystify a medical encounter and ensure the patient is synergized with the medical procedure, medication regimens, and physician and staff interactions.

Our team of medical interpreters is always on standby to ensure that you have a reliable partner in your healthcare decisions who is fluent in the language you need.

Telephone Services: We provide telephonic support to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to explain complex medical information. Our team comprises of highly trained interpreters who can translate and relay essential care-based information, such as medication instructions and care plans to help treat your medical condition.

Our interpreters deeply understand the patient’s cultural context, making them ideally suited to translating conversations and providing guidance on appropriate medical care.

Essential documents and Patient Education Materials: Our interpreters offer services that help patients understand consent forms, policies, health education materials, and many other written communications in a language of their choice. In addition, our interpreters enable you to access vital information services, including diagnosis understanding and financial planning for your treatment.

Our interpreters help bridge all language barriers, enabling patients to communicate with healthcare professionals easily.

Read our Language Interpreter Services Policy here.

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