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The structured three-year program includes both required and elective rotations, which ensure consistency of training while allowing for individual growth in all areas of their interests and weaknesses. Each resident’s training time is designed to meet the American Board of Internal Medicine requirements over the thirty-six-month program.

Our rotation schedule is based on the thirteen 4-week block structure. To maintain balance of learning and hospital coverage, rotations below are represented by the number of weeks current residents will spend on each rotation. Each year, we review the coverage needs for our inpatient service and work to prioritize education over service while balancing adequate coverage for the hospital and flexibility for our residents to support their wellbeing.

Site Description

Centinela Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) is a Joint Commission accredited, 362-bed licensed acute care community hospital located in Inglewood, CA in Los Angeles County. CHMC has delivered quality healthcare to the local communities since 1924. The hospital continues to deliver quality care today as a member of Prime Healthcare Services. Over 340 physicians and slightly over 1,300 employees are available to treat the residents in our local communities. CHMC is proud of its history in providing exemplary patient care.

CHMC serves a diverse population and incorporates elements of urban and suburban medicine. We provide a full range of services including, full radiological and laboratory services, Emergency Department, and a comprehensive operative suite.

2022/2023 Rotation Schedule

As shown below, 16 days of PTO will be pre-scheduled in one week blocks, the remaining 5 days of PTO will be flexible for resident scheduling.




Weeks Rotation Weeks Rotation Weeks Rotation
20 Inpatient Medicine 12 Inpatient Medicine 12 Inpatient Medicine
4 Intensive Care 4 Intensive Care 4 Intensive Care
4 Emergency Medicine 4 Nephrology 4 Rheumatology
4 Cardiology 4 Gastroenterology 4 Pulmonary
4 Neurology 4 Geriatrics 4 Endocrinology
4 Anesthesia 4 Infectious Diseases 4 Night Shift
4 Psychiatry 4 Hematology/Oncology 12 Elective
4 Night Shift 4 Night Shift 3 Vacation (4th Week Flexible)
3 Vacation (4th Week Flexible) 8 Elective
3 Vacation (4th Week Flexible)

Longitudinal Rotation – Continuity Clinic one half day a week

Longitudinal Curriculum

Continuity Clinic (across the continuum of residency)
Residents will spend time each week throughout the residency, seeing patients in one of our continuity clinics. Residents spend at least one (1) half day of clinic each week during most rotations.

Didactics (across the continuum of residency)
Residents are provided with protected time to participate in our education block. Didactics incorporate the breadth of internal medicine as well as the business of medicine and self-care. Sessions are dynamic and interactive.


We provide a multidisciplinary well-rounded orientation which includes time at an off-campus simulation lab and an outpatient clinic evaluation. This prepares you for procedures and clinical skills that are required during residency.

Sim Lab

Sim Lab

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